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Wholesale - Become a Retail Partner

Our main business is manufacturing wholesale bath bombs for our retail partners to achieve success with. We strive to provide the largest selection of bath bombs and are always changing our stock to give you something new to retail. We understand retail operations better than most and know that your customers will continue to come back to you for something new and exciting. Staying stagnant and boring is not something that we believe in. We are constantly innovating and developing new products. It is our goal to dominate the Canadian and United States marketplace for wholesale bath bombs. Yes, there are other providers out there. But, we are the only supplier of truly "Handmade" bath bombs. We inspect every single bath bomb that is made by hand, not with a press, not with a machine!!! Our staff use their hands and make each bath bomb perfectly without blemishes or imperfections just for you. We believe in quality. We strive for uniqueness and we listen to everything that you tell us. We are here to serve you ... our retail partners. If you would like more information on how to become a retail partner please contact our sales department at -- We look forward to serving you in  2018. Here is to a fun, fabulous bath experience.