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Fresh Ingredients

Here at the Bath Bomb Company, we strive to provide handmade bath bombs with only fresh and fabulous ingredients. Our Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid are food grade and do not contain aluminum sulfate. All of our ingredients are GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan and 100% Animal Friendly.

For its healing properties and skin moisturizing benefits, we have added Sunflower Oil to our formulation. This skin loving ingredient is found every single bath bomb that we produce. Sunflower Oil is an extremely powerful skin moisturizer, it works to restore dry or flaky skin. Loaded with Vitamin E, this oil is known to help soothe eczema, psoriasis, sunburns and other skin conditions. Sunflower oil does not solidify which is one of the major reasons we selected it! We do not want to create a film on your tub or clog your drains like coconut oil and shea butter do when added to bath bombs. 

Our 100% Natural Bath Bombs have been formulated with 100% Natural Essential Oils that offer an array of wonderful aromatherapy benefits. We colour our 100% Natural (Colour) Bombs with mica's and ultramarines. These are not water soluble. They may leave a little behind in the tub that can be gently washed away. They will not stain the tub, towel or skin. 

Our 98% Natural Bath Bombs have been formulated using paraben, phthatlate and toxin-free fragrance oils that offer a sensory experience to calm or uplift the body, mind and soul. The 98% Natural Bath Bombs also offer a wonderful aromatherapy experience. We colour our 98% Natural Bath Bombs with specific colours used in bath bombs. These non-toxic colours are water soluble, they will change the water colour to pretty shades and will not stain the tub, towels or skin. Note: We educated customers to NOT hold the bath bombs in their hands as this can cause staining. The colour needs to be diluted in the bath water. Direct contact of a fresh bath bomb that is reacting can cause staining. 

Lastly, every bath bomb requires a wetting agent. We used locally sourced distilled water for this purpose. 

Whatever choice you make, know that we source every ingredient with our children in mind. If we will not bathe our sons and daughters in our bath bombs - we will not sell them to you. 

If you have any questions concerning our ingredients or our products, please reach us anytime at